Flash Black

Inexplicably, Sarah Randall’s satnav slips her back into the village of Purton Tendril in Dorset during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.

Branded as a witch and hounded by the treacherous Carl, Sarah’s life is further complicated when she plunges into a forbidden love.

Will she return to the present and leave her love five centuries in the past? If so, will she bring back anything more than her memories, and will she ever be able to love another man?

Cleverly plotted, Flash Black is an engrossing page turner that will keep you in suspense!


ISBN 978-1-78003-811-7



Several men slithered down the bank, carrying a stretcher, a woman with them.
The woman knelt over the girl. "So, what have you been getting up to now?" she asked, feeling her forehead and cheeks.

"She fell off the bridge," Sarah explained.

"And what were you doing, climbing on the parapet?" the girl's mother asked in exasperation, then turned to Sarah. "I'm much obliged to you," she said, straightening up. "She's more trouble than all her brothers put together, this one! Help me up, will you?"

Sarah helped her unsteadily to her feet then the men carefully lifted the girl on to the stretcher and began to climb the bank.

"Is that your shawl?" the girl's mother asked Sarah, who nodded, all the while wondering how it came about that she had been wearing a shawl round her shoulders.

"If you're staying in the village, I'll give it back to you once I've washed it."

"Oh, but I'm not…"

Her words went unheeded as the group struggled up the slope, Jack with them, and disappeared along the path.

A knot of curious women and children was still gathered at the top of the bank. Sarah looked about for her shoes and slipped them on then climbed up towards the onlookers, somewhat hampered by her skirt, which was soaking wet and clinging round her legs. Skirt? Wasn't I wearing trousers?